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No matter which way you look at it NFL Betting or Betting NFL, is becoming one of the fastest growing pastimes for males between the ages of 18-45. We here at Betting NFL want to make NFL betting not only something Canadians do for fun, but something players from Canada can also make money from. This isn't a get rich quick type scheme, we aren't selling anything. In fact, our NFL betting picks and predictions are free, all we ask is that you spread the good word and help us take NFL betting to the next level!

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NFL Wagering Picks

by admin in online | Posted on May 13th, 2012 | No Comments

Picking teams to win against the spread is hard. You can look for historical data to base your NFL betting picks upon and sometimes this is an indicator of future success. For example, if the New England Patriots rarely lose against the spread at home, you might want to take New England to win at home against teams they traditionally beat. While this may sound trivial, so many football bettors try to reinvent the wheel and it pays to use common sense when betting on NFL games.

Another common tactic used to determine NFL betting picks is to measure up a teams run game. If a team can run the ball well, they will typically keep the score very close. It is important to remember this because a team that can run the ball typically beats the spread regardless if they are the favorite or the underdog. Another undervalued weapon in today’s NFL is the Tight End. The Tight End position has evolved to become of the most important offensive weapons in the modern NFL because they are much more than a blocker that can catch. In fact, many Tight Ends have become significant red zone threats therefore making teams with excellent Tight Ends a good NFL betting pick to go with. If you are wanting to bet on the NFL online, your only destination should be the Sports Interaction Canada NFL wagering site.

NFL Wagering Picks

When it comes to betting on NFL games and you live in Canada there are only a handful of online sportsbooks we feel comfortable making our NFL wagers at and one of the best ones is the Sports Interaction sportsbook for NFL online wagering. The Sports Interaction sports betting site offers weekly bonuses, the best odds, and customer service teams based out of Canada so you know you are in good hands!

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