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No matter which way you look at it NFL Betting or Betting NFL, is becoming one of the fastest growing pastimes for males between the ages of 18-45. We here at Betting NFL want to make NFL betting not only something Canadians do for fun, but something players from Canada can also make money from. This isn't a get rich quick type scheme, we aren't selling anything. In fact, our NFL betting picks and predictions are free, all we ask is that you spread the good word and help us take NFL betting to the next level!

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NFL Betting Upsets

by admin in online | Posted on May 20th, 2012 | No Comments

NFL wagering gurus have already picked their favorite teams this year and they are the Patriots, Packers, 49ers and Broncos but there is always one or two teams that rise to occasion and surprise everyone. Last year, that team was the 49ers. In fact, if you remember, the 49ers were one fumble away from potentially making the Superbowl in which they may have been favored against the Patriots.

NFL Betting Upsets

The team that may surprise everyone this year is the Carolina Panthers. Cam Newton has made strides over the course of his rookie year and with the defensive mind of Ron Rivera coaching the Panthers, the team could be in a position to surprise the NFC South. With the Saints missing their head coach, the division is wide open and anyone could win it. If you are looking for an underdog pick for NFL wagering, the Carolina Panthers may beat the spread more times than not this season.

Another team that may surprise the NFL is the Washington Redskins. While the Skins seem to be the off season champions each year, this year might finally be the year they break through and have a successful season. They have the coaching, the talent and the ownership to make it all happen and with a NFC East division that is the Giants division to lose, the Redskins are in a prime spot to make you some money if you decide to wager on them. If you need a website to bet on NFL games, you shouldn’t consider any other site except for

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