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No matter which way you look at it NFL Betting or Betting NFL, is becoming one of the fastest growing pastimes for males between the ages of 18-45. We here at Betting NFL want to make NFL betting not only something Canadians do for fun, but something players from Canada can also make money from. This isn't a get rich quick type scheme, we aren't selling anything. In fact, our NFL betting picks and predictions are free, all we ask is that you spread the good word and help us take NFL betting to the next level!

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Good NFL Bets

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When it comes to betting on the NFL there are good NFL bets and there are bad. When you place your NFL bets be sure to keep the below information close. There are certain NFL bets you should always stay away from. One of these bets is a future bet. Due to the unpredictable nature […]

NFL Football Predictions

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Each year, the NFL has one or two teams that seem to come out of nowhere and have a successful season. Last year, we saw the Lions and the Bengals outperform their expectations and this season is sure to have a surprise in store. Last year, the Buffalo Bills showed signs of promise because Ryan […]

How to Bet On NFL Games

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Learning how to bet on NFL games in Canada can be an enjoyable addition to your Sunday afternoons. The rush of betting on your favorite team can add an incentive that rivals no other gambling experience. If you are new to betting on NFL games, this quick primer will teach you the basics of how […]

NFL Bounties

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See that sorry mug below? That’s former New Orleans Saints head coach, Sean Payton, apologizing for running a bounty program for the Saints over the past few years. Whether you are for, or against these types of NFL bounties in which defensive players received cash bonuses for injury opposing players, one thing for sure is […]

Peyton Manning Signs With Broncos

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It’s written in stone now, Peyton Manning is official a Denver Bronco after signing with the team on a 5-year contract worth $96 million dollars. After earlier rumors of Manning signing with Miami and Houston, it was John Elway and the Denver Broncos who landed the veteran quarterback who missed all of last regular season […]

NFL Wagering Predictions

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Picking a specific NFL team to follow throughout the season will help you make the best NFL wagering predictions. When you bet your hard earned money, you want to ensure that you have the best possible edge available. If you aren’t studying a team’s tendencies and specific matchups, you could be making a bad bet. […]

March Madness Betting

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The opening wagering lines have been released and we’re ready to release our picks on college basketball teams that should easily beat their projected spreads. We have analyzed the data and concluded that these following teams should be successful at covering the spread. Memphis -3 – Memphis is matched up against St. Louis. We expect […]

Tebow Mania

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Tim Tebow Mania has arrived in New England as the Denver Broncos get set to play the New England Patriots tonight. Wow, Katy Perry is absolutely amazing, please God, tell me this is just a rumor and that Katy Perry and Tim Tebow are not going out. From a former crack addict Russel Brand, to […]