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NFL Football Predictions

by admin in canada | Posted on April 24th, 2012 | No Comments

Each year, the NFL has one or two teams that seem to come out of nowhere and have a successful season. Last year, we saw the Lions and the Bengals outperform their expectations and this season is sure to have a surprise in store.

Last year, the Buffalo Bills showed signs of promise because Ryan Fitzpatrick has proven that he belongs in the NFL as a starting quarterback. Look for the Bills have a breakout season. The Oakland Raiders always play well within their division and Carson Palmer has had time to shake off any rust his arm may have accumulated while sitting out for the first part of the 2011 NFL season.

The Tennessee Titans have a somewhat difficult set of opponents for this upcoming season however their tough defensive style of playing football might be enough for them to edge out a few wins over teams that they aren’t supposed to beat. Last year, the Titans beat the Ravens by 13 points when the Ravens were nearly a 6 point road favorite to win. The Titans also came one play away from upsetting the Saints while containing the explosive team to only 22 points.

NFL Football Predictions

This may be a given, but any team that signs Peyton Manning will become an automatic contender for the playoffs. If Peyton can stay healthy and perform at the same level we are accustomed to seeing, we might see Eli Manning vs. Peyton Manning in the Super bowl.

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