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No matter which way you look at it NFL Betting or Betting NFL, is becoming one of the fastest growing pastimes for males between the ages of 18-45. We here at Betting NFL want to make NFL betting not only something Canadians do for fun, but something players from Canada can also make money from. This isn't a get rich quick type scheme, we aren't selling anything. In fact, our NFL betting picks and predictions are free, all we ask is that you spread the good word and help us take NFL betting to the next level!

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NFL Betting

NFL Betting Sites

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NFL Betting Sportsbook
Betting Advantage

NFL Betting Sportsbooks

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NFL Betting Sites


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NFL Betting Sportsbooks


SBG Global Online Sportsbook

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The above NFL betting sites accept players from Canada and we believe they are the best online sportsbooks for Canadian bettors from NFL betting to College Football wagering, the above NFL betting sites can do it all!

NFL Week 1 Betting

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Football is in the air, and that means NFL online betting is on the rise. First up we have the Cleveland Browns and New York Jets at MetLife Stadium. If you want to bet on NFL games this season check out the above reviewed top Canadian online sportsbooks.

The Jets are picked to be one of the bottom tier teams of this year’s NFL season. The Jets have been competitive in the past, however, the team has not seen the championship game in quite a long time. The NFL’s football Jets play their home games in MetLife Stadium, a venue that is shared alongside of the New York Giants. The quarterback for the Jets is Geno Smith and he will be playing for the starting job against veteran quarterback Michael Vick. Officially, Geno Smith is listed higher on the depth chart than Vick, however, preseason hasn’t start and that could always change.

NFL Week 1 Betting

Brandon Marshall is reported to have joined the Jets while Darrelle Revis looks to make Revis Island a popular saying again. The Jets have been assigned 70/1 odds to win the Super Bowl this season. If you live in Canada and want to take part in some NFL online sports betting then check out these sportsbook reviews. If the Jets are to defy those odds, they will have to rack up some division wins and try to defend their home turf. The Jets have played decent on the road but their home fans have not been happy with their home performances over the past few years. Perhaps head coach Todd Bowles will be able shape this team up into a contender, instead of a pretender.

Raiders at Broncos Monday Night Football

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Today we have the Oakland Raiders at Denver to face the Broncos as Peyton Manning looks to lead his team to a 3-0 start at home. The Sports Interaction sports betting site currently has the Broncos as 16 point favorites which is almost as crazy as yesterday’s 20 point spread in the Seahawks and Jaguars NFL game.

Broncos Raiders NFL

Although we are huge fans of Peyton Manning here at BettingNFL, we do not believe the Broncos will win by 17 points. The Oakland Raiders have the best pass rush in the NFL and they are a group of strong individuals who are looking for a signature win in tonight’s game.

When it comes to NFL betting you can never count the underdog out. You have to understand that the Oakland Raiders are grown men that have something to fight for and this early in the season will not lie down for anybody, even if it is Peyton Manning. Hands down the Broncos will win this NFL matchup against the Raiders, however we expect this game to go the distance and not be a blow out.

If you want to bet on this NFL game online then we suggest betting at either the Sports Interaction Sportsbook or Bodog Canada sports betting site which accepts players from Canada.

Super Bowl Online Betting

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After a great NFL regular season we make our way towards Super Bowl 47, Super Bowl XLVII, or Super Bowl 2013. Regardless of what your tradition is for calling the Super Bowl or how you watch it, everybody bets on the Super Bowl. In today’s Super Bowl online betting picks and predictions we will examine whether or not if Colin Kapernick and the San Francisco 49ers are for real, or if Ray Lewis’s swan song will have an happy ending. The 2013 Super Bowl XLVII 47 will kickoff on Sunday, February 3rd, 2013 live from the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. For the latest NFL betting odds and the ones we will be referencing today check out the Sports Interaction sports betting site for all your Super Bowl bets online.

Super Bowl Online Betting

Currently the Baltimore Ravens are being posted as +4.5 point underdogs. Originally when the Super Bowl odds opened after the AFC Championship game the point spread margin was only a field goal at 3 points but has since jumped up to 4.5 points. Why the line change many NFL bettors have wondered? Well, it didn’t have anything to do with injuries on either side of the ball, but it did have to do with Michael Crabtree’s pending charges and the amount of betting action that poured in on the San Francisco 49ers despite having a rookie quarterback at the helm. With that said, if you are looking to do Super Bowl online betting and you like the current point spread between the 49ers and Ravens, then we suggest you jump on these Super Bowl odds now before they change again which may not be a change in your favor. As mentioned above, online sports betting sites for the Super Bowl are reporting the bulk of the wagering action coming in against the Baltimore Ravens despite the Ravens upsetting both the Broncos and Patriots in their path of destruction in Ray Lewis’s final NFL game ever. After 17 seasons Ray Lewis will be hanging up his cleats after the Super Bowl and what better way to have the fat lady sing than with a Super Bowl ring making it two Super Bowl championships for Ray Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens.

Betting NFL

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NFL Week 1: St. Louis Rams at Detroit Lions

The Rams will travel to Ford Field in Detroit to take on the Lions in what many analysts think will be a shoot out. These two teams both play on artificial turf which means these two teams have the ability to move up and down the field quickly. Rams new head coach Jeff Fisher will take on one of his former pupils in Jim Schwartz. Since Schwartz became the head coach of the Lions, the Lions have steadily improved while leading the team to their first playoff appearance in quite some time. Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson will certainly light up the field as this duo poses a threat to the entire NFL. Defenses simply don’t have an answer for Stafford and Johnson and it will be interesting to see if the Rams can come up with an answer for them on defense.

Betting NFL Online

Jeff Fisher is a defense first coach and he will try to force the Lions into making mistakes. If the Lions begin making mistakes, Jeff Fisher will look to capitalize and turn those mistakes into field goals or touchdowns. The Lions should be the favorites in this game although it is hard to count out the Rams. Their leadership change may be the spark the team needed in order to become competitive in the NFL again. For all your Betting NFL do’s and dont’s be sure to remember to check out the above top rated Canada online sportsbooks for online sports betting before your place your NFL bets.

NFL Wagering

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Now that we are in the heart of the NFL pre-season we are starting to get a clear picture of what the NFL regular season is shaping up to be. When it comes to NFL wagering it pays to learn from what happened in previous weeks including NFL pre-season games. When you are NFL betting this season at the best online sports betting sites keep these factors in mind; not all online sportsbooks are created equally, never bet with your heart, and feel free to compare NFL betting lines at the different online sports betting sites.

NFL Wagering

This season we recommend three decent online sportsbooks for players from Canada who want to bet on the NFL. First and foremost we like the Sports Interaction online sportsbook for NFL betting, followed up by the Bodog Canada Sportsbook and then the SBG Global online sportsbook. All these sportsbooks accept Canadian bettors and they have won numerous player loyalty honors especially with their acceptance of Canadian players. Whether you are betting on the NFL, NHL, or NBA this season, make sure you bet with the best and take your time before choosing. The initial game of the NFL regular season will kickoff on Wednesday, September 5th, 2012 at 8:30 PM EST with a special matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and defending Super Bowl Champions, the New York Giants. In a classic Tony Romo and Eli Manning matchup we expect a high scoring game with the advantage going to the New York Giants who have a better defense. Honestly speaking, if Tony Romo cannot put together a decent season this NFL season we don’t expect him to be a starting Cowboy next year so expect Romo to be playing with a heavy heart this season and maybe being a little too cautius. Only time will tell and it will begin ticking on Wednesday, September 5th live from New York.

NFL Betting Upsets

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NFL wagering gurus have already picked their favorite teams this year and they are the Patriots, Packers, 49ers and Broncos but there is always one or two teams that rise to occasion and surprise everyone. Last year, that team was the 49ers. In fact, if you remember, the 49ers were one fumble away from potentially making the Superbowl in which they may have been favored against the Patriots.

NFL Betting Upsets

The team that may surprise everyone this year is the Carolina Panthers. Cam Newton has made strides over the course of his rookie year and with the defensive mind of Ron Rivera coaching the Panthers, the team could be in a position to surprise the NFC South. With the Saints missing their head coach, the division is wide open and anyone could win it. If you are looking for an underdog pick for NFL wagering, the Carolina Panthers may beat the spread more times than not this season.

Another team that may surprise the NFL is the Washington Redskins. While the Skins seem to be the off season champions each year, this year might finally be the year they break through and have a successful season. They have the coaching, the talent and the ownership to make it all happen and with a NFC East division that is the Giants division to lose, the Redskins are in a prime spot to make you some money if you decide to wager on them. If you need a website to bet on NFL games, you shouldn’t consider any other site except for

Good NFL Bets

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When it comes to betting on the NFL there are good NFL bets and there are bad. When you place your NFL bets be sure to keep the below information close. There are certain NFL bets you should always stay away from. One of these bets is a future bet. Due to the unpredictable nature of the NFL, it is usually a bad idea to make future bets because one hard hit to a Quarterback could put him out for a few weeks. If a team’s franchise Quarterback is missing for 4-6 weeks, it could literally cost that team a playoff berth. If you remember a few years ago, this happened to the Steelers after Big Ben was injured during the middle of the season. Although the Steelers were the favorites to win the Super bowl that year, they failed to make the playoffs. This is a prime example of why it is generally a bad idea to make a future bet on the NFL.

NFL Bets

Another bad NFL bet are the prop bets. These are usually fun bets to make during the Super bowl but making these bets part of your regular repertoire is bad business and you will have an overall negative expectation on your money.

Now that you know which NFL bets you should stay away from, head over to Bodog and begin making profitable NFL bets. The sooner you start preparing for this upcoming season, the more money you will make. Do your research and get the most out of your NFL bets by betting at Bodog’s online sports book.

NFL Wagering Picks

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Picking teams to win against the spread is hard. You can look for historical data to base your NFL betting picks upon and sometimes this is an indicator of future success. For example, if the New England Patriots rarely lose against the spread at home, you might want to take New England to win at home against teams they traditionally beat. While this may sound trivial, so many football bettors try to reinvent the wheel and it pays to use common sense when betting on NFL games.

Another common tactic used to determine NFL betting picks is to measure up a teams run game. If a team can run the ball well, they will typically keep the score very close. It is important to remember this because a team that can run the ball typically beats the spread regardless if they are the favorite or the underdog. Another undervalued weapon in today’s NFL is the Tight End. The Tight End position has evolved to become of the most important offensive weapons in the modern NFL because they are much more than a blocker that can catch. In fact, many Tight Ends have become significant red zone threats therefore making teams with excellent Tight Ends a good NFL betting pick to go with. If you are wanting to bet on the NFL online, your only destination should be the Sports Interaction Canada NFL wagering site.

NFL Wagering Picks

When it comes to betting on NFL games and you live in Canada there are only a handful of online sportsbooks we feel comfortable making our NFL wagers at and one of the best ones is the Sports Interaction sportsbook for NFL online wagering. The Sports Interaction sports betting site offers weekly bonuses, the best odds, and customer service teams based out of Canada so you know you are in good hands!

NFL Football Predictions

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Each year, the NFL has one or two teams that seem to come out of nowhere and have a successful season. Last year, we saw the Lions and the Bengals outperform their expectations and this season is sure to have a surprise in store.

Last year, the Buffalo Bills showed signs of promise because Ryan Fitzpatrick has proven that he belongs in the NFL as a starting quarterback. Look for the Bills have a breakout season. The Oakland Raiders always play well within their division and Carson Palmer has had time to shake off any rust his arm may have accumulated while sitting out for the first part of the 2011 NFL season.

The Tennessee Titans have a somewhat difficult set of opponents for this upcoming season however their tough defensive style of playing football might be enough for them to edge out a few wins over teams that they aren’t supposed to beat. Last year, the Titans beat the Ravens by 13 points when the Ravens were nearly a 6 point road favorite to win. The Titans also came one play away from upsetting the Saints while containing the explosive team to only 22 points.

NFL Football Predictions

This may be a given, but any team that signs Peyton Manning will become an automatic contender for the playoffs. If Peyton can stay healthy and perform at the same level we are accustomed to seeing, we might see Eli Manning vs. Peyton Manning in the Super bowl.

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